Scaling the Mountain:

Building a Community Brand

2 min readApr 27, 2021

We care a lot!

About the welfare of all you boys and girls

We care a lot!

About you people ’cause we’re out to save the world! Yeah!

— Faith No More

Over the past few days, we’ve watched with awe as the community has leapt into action to build Pupper into something truly special.

Fervent volunteers, mods, and artists exploded out of the woodwork like gophers at a whack-a-mole begging for responsibility in lieu of wacks. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, and frankly left more than a little bit misty-eyed by the entire experience.

But brands aren’t built overnight, and in an endeavor to speed the community’s efforts toward a common goal, we would like to provide guidance on the philosophy behind Pupper’s message and marketing. Though it is ultimately up to the community to choose what direction to take Pupper, what’s written below is part of our internal guide.


Branding Guidance

  • Message: Memes are a force for good! Pupper aims to make the world happier, healthier, and freer. We believe that can be achieved through Community Incentivized Fundraising.
  • The Vibe: Benevolent, philanthropic, strong integrity, playful, joyful, lighthearted, supportive, embracing, chill, or just this dude who is clearly having a great time:🏄
  • The Vibes to be Avoided: Superiority, indifference, apathy, brusqueness, mercilessness, malevolence, violence.
  • Fundraising Philosophy: Separate from the economic opportunities of $PUP itself, the founders of Pupper strongly recommend that any products, merchandise, or NFTs that are created and sold by the community in an effort to market Pupper have 100% of their proceeds donated to charities of the community’s choosing.
The “target market” for this fluffernutter of a belly would be what we in marketing describe as “everyone.”

Upcoming Opportunities

As we announced over Telegram and Discord, we are currently building PupperDao, a comprehensive voting and treasury system. There, community members can create advanced marketing and fundraising strategies, as well as just build rad stuff.

Merchandise, NFTs, and giveaways are all viable and bodacious opportunities for our members to create, promote, and have fun with Pupper. But we encourage the community to believe in the power of 🌶-memes first, and create and share Pupper wherever possible.

Fig. 3: A meme.

You all have been so fantastic to work with and get to know. Keep a snooter to the ground for more updates…soon!